How To Write A Valentine's Day Love Note

Men often get stressed out at Valentine's Day. The reason: almost universally they are embarrassed to have to "romance" a woman.

by Robert Lee, aLoveLinksPlus Editor

Valentine's Day Card

It's far easier to just throw down a card, a box of candy and say "I've done my duty! Please love me!"

But that isn't what she wants, is it?

We're not going to make the same mistake as last time, are we?

No rhyme, and you already know the reason… writing a Valentine Love Note doesn’t need to be a hardship… no brain strain here…
“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I got you this Valentine
So you’d love me too”

Yes, corny… but is it effective, well not always, success and believability depends on your personality.
Because, after all, personality shows the most when you are trying to impress someone with the ‘real you’, that being the person you try to be some of the time and she loves you for being that person more of the time.

If you get my meaning.

But enough about me.

Whether your writing is more Hefner than Hemingway, it’s important to write as you speak. Not as you impress. No one likes a poser or a stuffed shirt. Be yourself.

That is, after all, the person she already likes, right?

To write a great Valentine's Day greeting card, the words you put inside a store bought card or a card that you create yourself, is like writing a great love letter, but using fewer words.

And ends with something better than “I love you”.

Let’s review some great examples of Valentine’s Day Love Cards:
(What you can write inside your Valentine's Day greeting card.)

Your eyes have a certain sparkle,
Your smile lights up every room,
The thought of you warms my heart,
Be mine and I'll be yours.

There was a time before you… but it’s all a haze.
The light of your smile, the smell of your hair,
Everything else that used to matter is dimmed in our love.
Be my Valentine, always.
Hot Hearted, XXX
(XXX is your name, stupid! And don’t include this line in your letter, ok?)

I shall always live in Today.
Because Today you are mine and I am yours.
Let Today be our day, always.

How I wish I could say Something… Anything.
But all I can describe is the incredibly warm, fuzzy, lovesick feeling I have when I try to express myself, my love, to you.
Maybe that is the best expression of my love for you that I have.
I do love you
Truly and Deeply.

There was once a lucky man,
He won races and games,
He was rich and handsome,
He loved and was loved,
I have none of that but my love for you,
Yet you love me still,
I am a luckier man.
I have you.
The Man In Love With You.

Remember, romance is not what you say but how you say it.
Wordsmiths need not apply for the position of romancer, not always. A true heart, a true purpose, what lady could ask for more?

A special night,
With a special woman,
With a special love,
All our own to share.
I'm yours.

Can you hear my heart sing?
The birds are serenading us,
Following the melody in my heart,
For you are Love,
And I am in love with you.
Please Be Mine.

There you go, the Valentine's Day writing primer is over.
Write from the heart, just a few sentences.
Don't try to impress, just be yourself.

You'll do fine, after all, you're in love!

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