Selected articles that can help you understand dating, relationships and the workd around you. When you have a greater understanding of the situations you find yourself in, and the motives of the people in your life, you can better plan your next move. Will it be a break-up or a marriage proposal?
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Understanding the Opposite Sex

Body Language Attraction: His Eyes Will Tell You If He's Attracted To You

A man's eyes
What clues does he give that he's attracted to you?

Once you get good at interpreting what his eyes are telling you it will become easy for you to judge what his true feeling for you are.
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Five Myths About Women

Mysterious woman
What have you been told about women that isn't true?

Putting a woman on a pedestal is bad for your health — and hers.
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10 Red Flags In Dating Relationships

Stop - danger!
What will tell you if the relationship will work?

Here are some ‘Red Flags' to watch out for in a new partner.
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Five Magical Ways To Propose At Christmas by Robert Lee

Christmas ornament
How to make your proposal a memorable surprise?

This moment in your life should be romantic, inspired and a bit of a surprise to your girlfriend to make your marriage proposal a magical moment that you both will remember forever.
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How To Write A Valentine's Day Love Note

Valentine's Day Card
Do you need some tips to writing a romantic note?

Men often get stressed out at Valentine's Day. The reason: almost universally they are embarrassed to have to "romance" a woman.
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Valentine's Day Fun Facts

Valentine's Day
What do you know about Valentines Day?

10 things you never knew about Valentine's Day.
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Better Dating

Examples Of Effective Personal Ad Replies

Woman waiting for an online personal ad reply
Can you write a personal ad reply that actually receives a reply?

Examples of how to answer an online personal ad that will get you a response.
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First Date Tips and Tricks

Woman on a first date
How do you make your first date great?

The first date: what to wear, where to go, what to say, what to do and what not to do.
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No Bad Dates!

Woman having picture taken
How do you make a date great?

It's all about attitude! Your mindset is what determines the quality of any experience.
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Are You Relationship Ready?

Love street sign
What is stopping you from finding love?

How do you know if you are ready? What are the characteristics you need to have or acquire in order to be ready for true love?
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Getting Back Together After a Breakup

How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over A Rival & Win Over The One You Love!

Unhappy Couple
What do you need to do to keep your lover close?

Are you being kept up late at night worried sick that you would never be able to find or keep your true love because of a rival? Here's what you could do so you could win back the one you love and keep them!
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