Christian Carter is a best selling advice author helping women in his books and DVD programs how to not only navigate the dating scene but how to find the right guy to spend the rest of their life with. Relationships can be hard, people can expect different things, and Christian makes it easy to understand not only yourself but your future partner and how to manage your expectations to find the best possible partner for a long-lasting relationship. You can't change someone, but you can manage who you invite into your life and find the man you deserve with Christian's help.

Why Men Withdraw And What To Do About It

Why Men Withdraw
When a guy stops being available, this is what you do.

Here are three easy steps to figuring out what's going on inside his head.
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How To Not Be Down On Yourself When Single

The direction your life takes isn't always clear.

It's hard to "be ready" to meet a great guy when she feels so overwhelmed by life in general. There are steps she can take I told her.
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All Men Are Animals

This is how to pick the winners from the losers.

Warning signs when it's time to end dating him and find a real man!
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Are You Addicted To Bad Boys?

A Bad Boy
Finding the man to take your heart, and hold it carefully for the years to come, is no easy task.

The key to being wary of dating a Bad Boy is, firstly, identifying him. This really isn't all that hard because you sub-consciously are attracted to him for the these reasons.
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Are You Available?

Ready or not ready?
Are you ready to meet a great guy or are your efforts going to waste?

When you're available you should expect the best from yourself, about yourself, and only good things to happen to yourself. Positive thinking leads to positive results.
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Sure-Fire Ways To Identify and Attract A Great Guy

Attractive man
How do you get started with a new guy you'd like to date?

Predictable responses make for great conversation to get to know each other - if you want to be JUST FRIENDS. But if you want more...
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When He Says He Doesn't Want A Relationship

A lonely woman
How do you handle a man with cold feet?

How to change the relationship for the better, and find the right ways to get a guy that really is a catch.
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How To Catch Him Forever

Searching for a great guy
Is there a time when you should just give up on dating?

All the good guys aren't gone you've just been looking in the wrong places.
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World's Best Love Advice For Women

A happy bride
What do you need to understand men, to really be able to use your intuition?

The idea is to provide the tools so that you can not only protect yourself but understand not only why you do the things you do but why men do the things they do and in particular why you let men do the things they do to you!
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Cause And Effect With Men

A woman wondering about life
Why is it often so difficult to have a serious relationship conversation with a man?

Non-confrontational examples help men, naturally less mature than women, to become committed and happily planning a future with you.
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Create A Deeper Level Of Attraction In Men

A happy couple
How do you move past flirting?

You can't convince a man to love you, but you can prove yourself to him just as he needs to prove himself to be worthy of you.
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How To Create Intense Attraction In Any Man

A happy couple
What are some of the best ways to learn to attract a man?

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was very attracted to a particular man.
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Create Mystery To Catch Him & Keep Him

Mystery woman
How can you be sure he will fall for you?

If you want to date the men you choose, making them chase you for a while is a great idea.
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Creating Great Conversations With Men

A happy couple
How do you capture his heart from the start?

Your first impression and the way you manage the first conversation you have with a guy will help you understand your own subconscious attraction system and how it affects your interaction with men.
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Managing the Power of Rejection

A sad woman
How do you overcome your fear of rejection?

Your time is valuable so you should be controlling how you use it. The guy needs to follow these rules of communicating with you, when you make these rules part of your dating life.
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The Secret Cause of Distance In Relationships

Life's highway
How do you handle a man that makes your relationship difficult?

The reality is that a man can go from caring, protective, complimentary, and emotionally engaged with a woman, and then suddenly become distant, cold or uninterested.
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Do Men Really Want Freedom?

A happy couple
What are the signs he's ready to settle down?

Are all men out for just a good time or are there some that want to take a relationship to the next level?
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Do Not Call Him First

Woman on phone
Who does what when?

The rules for dating that women need to follow now.
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Don’t Be Obvious to Catch Him and Keep Him

Group of manneuins
What is the one thing a woman absolutely needs to know?

So what is the key to not being obvious and still Catching That Man? Intellectual attraction.
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Don't Count On Change

Wedding rings
What do you do to make him commitment ready?

You're ready to get serious and make a commitment to him but he says he's not ready.
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Do You Have A Friend That Should Be Your Boyfriend?

Love swans
Could the trouble be here that you are fishing in the wrong waters?

How to know if your male friend will be your boyfriend.
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How To Make Your Friends With Benefits Your Boyfriend

Close friends
Or, why did you agree to sex without love?

Changing your relationship from being "friend's with benefits" to a real romance with him in a few easy steps.
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You Need To Stop Texting Him... Now!

Text messaging
What do you do when he's not replying to your text messages?

Guys for the most part, want a girl to put them in their place, to challenge them, and, of course, love them. This is your weapon.
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Catch Him and Keep Him Testimonial

A happy woman
What do real people say about Christian Carter's ebook?

You're going to meet a very special woman that describes how "Catch Him & Keep Him "changed her life".
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