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Don’t Be Obvious to Catch Him and Keep Him

So what is the key to not being obvious and still Catching That Man? Intellectual attraction.

by Christian Carter

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We all know about the “obvious” woman and how she can easily attract any man.

Show a lot of cleavage.

Be forthcoming in physical contact when meeting men, long touches on his arm and leg. Close talking that allows her breath to cross his face.
And, quite simply, just being “easy”. Hooking up.

That’s how the obvious woman attracts men.

Of course the trouble with these encounters is that, for the most part, they are shallow, short-lived and empty.

I remember reading about a survey how blondes attract more men than brunettes. You know the old saying “Blondes have more fun”. It’s true if you think that attracting men strictly through physical attraction is the way to go. Men, the survey surmised, prize blondes. The general male feelings toward brunettes is that they are not “trophies” but family oriented women. Brunettes were understood to be more dependable, more geared towards marriage, more the “settle down” type.

Blondes were the height of the excitement factor, bringing out the caveman, the instinctive man, and the reactive man towards ownership of a woman.

Blondes were the “obvious” catch for a man.

And as a side survey the blondes were asked how they were treated in their relationships and they reported that they were indeed treated as if the man they were with owned them.
Men reacted towards blondes with purely physical attraction traits and the dating cycle was short-lived, often sexual in nature earlier that brunettes.

The brunettes reported that they had a harder time to get initial dates but their relationships lasted longer, were more intellectual and more forward-looking. Men generally had a longer term picture of relationships with brunettes.

We can surmise from these surveys that indeed, blondes have more fun and more initial dates, but brunettes catch “The Man” more often and have more stable relationships.

Now if you are blonde I’m not suggesting you change your hair color to attract a “settling down” type of man.

And should you be brunette (or redhead) I’m not saying for you to dye your hair blonde to get more dates.

The part of female/male initial attraction qualities overlooked the sexual responses in a man that obvious women put out.

Catching a man is easy if you use your physical traits as a lure. But the problem is that you catch a guy that is interested in a purely physical relationship. A hookup. And no strings attached.

So, what is the key to not being obvious and still “Catching That Man”?

Intellectual attraction.

This “Intellectual Attraction” is when a man can see you as an equal, as a woman with compatibility towards his interests and his acceptance of yours.
This is not the guy that can’t look up past your chest as you talk to him.
This is the man that can open up to you as an equal, can accept that you have ideas of your own. He is comfortable in conversations that have substance.
Drop him like a rock if he’s a complainer, a “momma’s boy” or shows signs of a controlling personality.

How do you find and attract these catchable and keepable men?

They are all around you. Often they are overshadowed by loud-mouthed jerk friends. Separating this type of man from his “pack” so you can attract him can usually be accomplished by a simple short smile his way which invites him to talk with you.

The “catchable man” can be met singly in grocery stores, malls, night school classes: wherever men are not a part of a pack. Bars and clubs are not the ideal places to meet the “right man” because the environment does not often lend itself to intellectual attraction but rather the reverse: the man’s caveman response.

Libraries, museums, art shows, hobby stores, heck, you can even spot guys in Home Depot and Sears that are single. And active in their life.

Dress appropriately, not slutty. Keep your hem stylish, your pant leg in season and your thong in your dresser drawer. You’ll have time enough for sexy dressing once you’ve been dating for a while. This shows your caught man that you dress sexy “for him” not for the world.

When a girl shows her thong, Marriage is usually wrong.

When a girl first shows her smarts, She often has all the other parts.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.

Your Friend,

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