Catch Him & Keep Him

Are You Available?

Are you ready to meet a great guy or are your efforts going to waste?

by Christian Carter

Ready or not ready?

If you answered quickly "Yes, I'm available" then let me ask you two more questions:

When was the last time you took it upon yourself to introduce yourself to a guy?

When was the last time you told a guy that you were "too busy" to go out?

Think had about your answers to those two questions, because of you're lying to me, then you're lying to yourself and you can stop reading right here, right now.

When you are available to meet great guys there are three things you need to be:

1) Ready;

2) Ready, and;

3) Ready.

But just saying it doesn't make it so, just like saying the dishes are clean doesn't make dirty dishes clean. When we break down 1, 2 and 3, we get:

1) Be at your best all the time, clean clothes, clean face, clean attitude;

2) Be friendly, courteous and speak only well of others, and;

3) Be approachable, so that guys will introduce themselves to you.

These are all things you've heard a thousand times, now a thousand-and-one... and they are good starting points to attracting men.

The real secret, however, is being ready to meet a guy anywhere, anytime. After all, men are everywhere. And great men are still far and few between but they are out there, you just have to be ready to say "hello".

So when you say that you're available that means you are emotionally ready to meet men just as much as you are intellectually, and physically, ready to meet men.

Don't hang on to thoughts of old broken romances; don't overthink what a man says to you, and; do stay in good shape to keep yourself feeling good about yourself.

When you're available you should expect the best from yourself, about yourself, and only good things to happen to yourself. Positive thinking leads to positive results.

If you need to give yourself a kick to get into that place, do it.

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Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.

Your Friend,

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