Catch Him & Keep Him

Are You Addicted To Bad Boys?

Finding the man to take your heart, and hold it carefully for the years to come, is no easy task says Christian Carter.

by Christian Carter

A Bad Boy

A lot of guys fit the profile of 'Bad Boy' and my question to you is: if women understand that he's a Bad Boy why do they keep dating him?

The Bad Boy: what woman, at some point in her life, doesn't crave for the guy with the adventurous look in his eye; the guy that stands out from the other guys because of his hard looks, simmering eyes and hard body.

It's easy to fall for a guy that offers excitement and adventure.... but it's hard to keep him for long a she wanders through his life, not looking for any particular woman, just a partner for a few whirlwind months before he tires of her and finds another.

The key to being wary of dating a Bad Boy is, firstly, identifying him. This really isn't all that hard because you sub-consciously are attracted to him for the these reasons:

  • Tall and good looking
  • A risk taker
  • Seeks adventure
  • Outspoken to the point of brashness
  • Teasing to the point of drollness
  • Doesn't care much for the consequences of his actions

The Bad Boy easily captures a woman's heart and he is often chased by more than one woman at a time. Infatuation leads to "Bad Boy Blindness" and warnings from friends that he's a "Player" often go unheeded.

And, while there are some women lucky enough to catch a Bad Boy and keep him, training him into the fulfilling image of loving husband and father, this happens more rarely than women believe.

A word of caution: if you need to "fix" a guy to make him a better partner, watch out. Changing a guy's behavior is a drawn-out process and may at any time backfire into accusations of smothering, neediness and jealousy.

It's better to leave the Bad Boy to some other woman, allow her to have the couple of weeks/months of heady, raging romance that is moving forward like a plane without a pilot, destined to crash on a mountain peak at any time.

Sometimes the catch isn't worth the effort of keeping it.

And you'll see this when it's hard to keep up with his flirtations of other women, his abrupt changes in personality and his lack of commitment and readiness for spur-of-the-moment adventures.

Finding the man to take your heart, and hold it carefully for the years to come, is no easy task.

You have to battle through the players, the Bad Boys and the other jerks that make up the majority of the single men's population to find a real catch of a man.

There is help, your girlfriends and family members will have some, limited, experience with them and there are great books you can read too. 

You might want to check out what could be the world's best collection of ideas, strategies, insights and research on the subject of how to avoid the Big Mistakes, and other big mistakes in my ebook, "Catch Him And Keep Him".

It's full off specific ways to communicate with a man that will instantly amplify the attraction he feels for you and help move things quickly and smoothly from "casual" to "committed" in no time flat.

I've spent the better part of the last year making sure my ebook will give you REAL WORLD ANSWERS and solutions to the things you're dealing with when it comes to men.

You can start by watching this video.

Thanks for reading and best of luck in life and love.

Your Friend,

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