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aLoveLinksPlus™ Spiritual Dating Service Reviews

Spiritual, soulful and full of inner inspiration... these are the people you'll meet at these reviewed dating services

This section of takes you to a higher ideal of living, loving and meeting others that share your philosophy and your way of living with those around you and the earth in it's most natural state. You may be vegan, pagan or a New Age disciple. You are most certainly a vegetarian and likely a very spiritual person, looking inside for someone's true identity, not being mislead by outward appearances.

The dating services here are dedicated to the spiritual you, the environmental you. The caring person that is inside of us all but you show it through your actions of lifestyle and dedication to causes that most deem to unimportant to care about. Browse our reviewed services here and find someone special to share those cares with, to lighten the load of the worries you have for the world's future.


Messages are saved in your member mail box and a notification is sent to your registered email address that you have messages waiting. The Dreamcatcher is where you choose the type of person you’d like to meet and you are emailed when matches are made. We like the “deep searches” and the optional search criteria you can include in your search (for free and premium members) to really find someone you’d like to meet. Also the information included with your profile helps you know who’s interested in you by letting you know how many people have placed you in their favorites and how many have visited your profile. In a true spiritual fashion the SoulWeavers profile form has the most religious options we’ve seen, going beyond the regular Christian, Buddist and Judaism choices to also include New Age, Native American, Pagan/Earth-based among others. If you feel you are a spiritual person, this should be one of the places you frequent to meet others. Free and premium membership options, become a paid member to make initial contact, free members can reply to messages, fast and detailed searches. Straight and same sex personal ads available. Read our review and leave comments about this service here and join for free here.

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Astral Hearts

Donations are accepted from members to help support Astral Hearts (profits are donated to a recognized charity annually, see the website for more information) and you will receive a higher placement listing, the capability to update your picture at any time, and 2 weekly featured spots on the front page with your donation. Members should have an interest in Metaphysics, spirituality and a thirst for continued knowledge. Free membership that includes contact with other members. Donations accepted for memberships. Ask Astral advice feature. Straight personals only, all religions accepted. Read our review and leave comments about this service here and join for free here.

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Veggie Date

A great lifestyle and a great way to meet those that share your basic fitness and dietary choices including Vegetarian, Adventist, Macrobiotic, Rawfood singles. Searching the ads is free and for the time being you can get a free 2 week membership for your ad including replies to other ads (time limited special). It will always be free to place your ad and to search for the man/woman of your dreams and you will always be able to respond to someone that contacts you, even after your trial membership ends. The chat room seems to be a great place to hang out, we found people there talking every time we visited. A fast loading and nicely laid out service that has many members maybe even the person you are looking for! 2 week free trial, picture personals, free to place and search ads, chat room, links to vegetarian resources, information and more. Read our review and leave comments about this service here and join for free here.

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This is an international service with 4 language sections so you can speak English, French, German and Spanish and meet your match in your native tongue. When new members sign-up and if they are even more of a match they are sent to you immediately when you are a member. You can even request that more analysis's are sent to you before you become a member! What a great idea! Astrological matchmaking, sign up and get 5 matches e-mailed to you. Become a member to respond to your right partner. Membership is for life so you can respond to all the matches that are sent your way and more are sent your way as people join. Read our review and leave comments about this service here and join for free here.

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Meet Your Greens

Meet Your Greens is a new service for the people that care about other living things, besides people, and aim for a higher degree of understanding of our environment through lifestyle choices (meditation, spiritualism, dietary choices). Join for the free trial and (at the time of this review) you will receive a full access 6 month free trial and also be rewarded with 6 gift vouchers worth a free month full access membership to share this service with other singles that you know.

Allow about 5 minutes to complete the profile questionnaire and to add up to 3 pictures of yourself with your profile, then go forth and begin browsing/searching the service. Since this is a very new service, your profile will receive a lot of visits and you should also be ready to reply to a lot of messages. Member only personals for “green people”. Currently, full access is free for 6 months. Pictures can be included with your profile. Large amount of links to related environmental and lifestyle web sites. New features scheduled to be introduced soon. Straight and same sex personals available here. Read our review and leave comments about this service here and join for free here.

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Tantric Soulmate Connection

The personal touch is evident here. Sri Kalima will help you find your true match and with any of the additional services offered here, you can find peace with yourself and others. Start with the simple form to send in and the match process begins. You will receive an email with details about your life as it should become and your involvement is paramount to your successes from there. Free personals based on Tantric philosophy and many more related services. Read our review and leave comments about this service here and join for free here.

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